Steps To Start A Website

  1. Choose A Domain Name
  2. Choose A Web Host
  3. Find Your Right Site BuildAffiliate Link
  4. Develop & Include Content
  5. Use Quality Stock Photos
  6. Use Custom Images/Graphics

We'll make the entire process much easier, building your website from start to finish, keeping it properly updated, maintained, and optimized.

using the transparency effect in web page design

The first step is choosing an appropriate domain name, and doing your research to get the most out of your host. Some hosts offer more in their packages vs. others who charge for every little thing.

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Your domain name should be short & catchy, and should relate directly to your type of business or pre-designated keyword.

The next step is to choose an appropriate web template.

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It's Time To Purchase Vector/Stock Photos

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Content is King

Make sure your content is relevant, updateable, interesting and informational. Outline the sections you'd like to include to best reflect your business' products & services, and build a hierarchy for the importance of each.


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steps to start a website
 Try using the transparency effect in web page design to build more interest in your pages!