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Mari-Anne V. Cooper – Graphics, Print, Website Production Artist

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Los Angeles, CA  90062 - contact MAvC877.838-0622


Let’s Discuss A New Custom Design for You!

I’ll need your written brief, photos, & content info and I’ll contact you right away to get started. That way, we can discuss your project in further detail. 

  • Once your order has been processed, I’ll send you a link to view the designs I’ve created (Your Proof Page)
  • Use the form on your proof page to advise me of your preferences; the changes you’d like to see, etc.
  • Once your design has been revised to your satisfaction, check the “Final Proof Approval” box provided on your proof page form.
  • Upon final proof approval, I’ll make your files available for you to download for print, and/or web use.

Print services also available upon request for great saving rates.

Therefore, when you also order printing, your files will be sent to print and your print order will be shipped to the address listed on your account.


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